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Project title


The goal of the project is to create conditions for training the profession of a barista for 5 migrants with disabilities from Belarus, Ukraine who are in Poland, through networking and mutual assistance on the basis of the Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa.  


After training as a barista, 5 project participants know how to brew coffee and serve customers at the Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa. They work together and help each other when needed.


Networking between project participants and volunteers from the countries of Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and the former CIS countries creates a platform for dialogue and discussion of current political and social topics, a new dialogue platform allows you to talk about the problem of people with disabilities in migration and make them visible to others help.


The development of an international inclusive community of migrants who left for various political reasons (after the events in Belarus in 2020) from the countries of the former CIS, after the start of the war in Ukraine, are able to provide.


Purchased professional coffee equipment that allows you to train and adapt people with disabilities to the barista profession on the basis of the existing Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa. One of the functions of the club is the cafe Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa, an integration and educational platform for networking, mutual assistance and support, which are located on the territory of Poland. An integration space has been created in which migrants with disabilities from the countries of Belarus and Ukraine will be able to develop and acquire new professional skills.

Tasks of the project Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa:

1. Inclusive. Build network links between migrants from the former CIS countries, people with disabilities who moved to different areas after the start of political protests in 2020 and after the start of the war in Ukraine in 2022, living in Poland, create an inclusive space in Warsaw Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa. The transformer space has been working for 3 months and integrates into the profession 5 participants, people with disabilities who have been trained by the barista school;

2. Educational. Recruit and train barista professions for 5 participants (Belarusian and Ukrainian migrants, including those with disabilities) located in Poland, selected for the training program through social media and online media, personal contacts. Selected and trained 5 participants, future inclusive baristas. Integration into the barista profession and the work of trained baristas in an inclusive coffee shop club for 2 months in a test mode.

3. Information - consulting. Create an Instagram project and video blog  - maintaining a public blog of the project, live broadcasts with our guests, project participants, coffee experts. 40+ publications in photo, video, reels format. 10 live broadcasts. Where up-to-date information about the activities of the club will appear.

Currently, migrants with disabilities experience difficulties when moving and legalizing, as well as when looking for work and employment in Poland, due to their own lack of awareness on the one hand and the unwillingness of most employers to help adapt a migrant with a disability to work.  The project aims to eliminate psychological barriers for people with disabilities and include them in a full social life in Poland society through training in the popular barista profession. The form of training for the new profession of a barista was chosen in connection with the growing popularity of coffee shops and the social component of this type of activity, which would allow people with disabilities to socialise and feel like full members of society. Previously, the project team has a successful experience in training more than 50 people with disabilities and employing 12 people with disabilities, the confirmation of the implementation of this project in Belarus is the existing social coffee-spaces with working inclusive employees.  

Project target group(s)


- Migrants from the former CIS countries: Belarus, Ukraine, people with disabilities who moved for various reasons after the start of political protests in 2020 and after the start of the war in Ukraine in 2022, living in Poland.

- Politically migrants and activists from Belarus who left after political protests in 2020. 

- Professional foreign baristas and representatives of coffee commercial companies, coffee bloggers.

- Users and supporters of media Instagram project - 400+ users

Project start 15.10.2022

- end date 31.05.2023

IB main logo with frame black.png

01/11/2022- 30/12/2022

Announcement on Instagram in a web-site and recruitment for participation in the inclusive barista school in Warsaw is open, 5 people with disabilities from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland are selected.
Instagram project and video blog.



Purchase of professional coffee equipment

Purchased professional coffee equipment:  Professional coffee machine BEZZERO DUO MANUAL; Professional coffee grinder; Stationary refrigerator; Manual espresso coffee press; A set of coffee utensils, a set of tableware (forks, spoons); glasses 40; Vacuum cleaner manual; 3 Tables and 6 chairs for visitors outside; Coffee;

Delivered to the venue of the workshops and the work of the club.



ENG Inclusive workshops on coffee topics for 5 people with disabilities, future baristas, involving professional baristas from Europe and discussion of current problems and solutions for people with disabilities.


10 workshops were held and 5 participants of the inclusive barista school were trained, 5 people with disabilities of the barista profession (training in alternative, hand-made coffee, professional equipment).



Instagram project and video blog.

40+ publications on Instagram were published in the social media of the project, 10 live broadcasts were held with master classes on teaching people with disabilities the profession of a barista and their stories of migration and adaptation. Сoverage of publications 40000+



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Development of a detailed architectural design of an inclusive space for the club.


Together with the participants, a detailed architectural plan was developed for the project of an inclusive workplace space in a cafe, a project with equipment and accessibility for trained barista staff of people with disabilities.

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Opening and presentation of the Inclusive barista club Warsaw space, approximately 20 people

Public opening space, 20 people invited 

DATA 06/03/2023 

Adress: plac Konstytucji 6, 00-550 Warszawa, Беларускі Моладзевы Хаб / Białoruski Młodzieżowy Hub



Сябры, Інклюзіўны барыста запрашае вас 6 сакавіка ў 17.00 у Беларускі моладзевы хаб на адкрыццё школы інклюзіўнага барыста!


Мы раскажам вам як у хатніх умовах зварыць найсмачную каву. Які посуд для заварвання лепш выкарыстоўваць? Якую каву лепш купляць для хатняга заварвання і як і колькі трэба захоўваць каву?


Кава воркшоп пройдзе з 17.00 да 18.30

з 19.00 – 19.30 адкрыццё і прэзентацыя праекта Інклюзіўнага Барыста ў Варшаве. Вы даведаецеся аб нашым праекце яго выніках і планах.

з 19.30 нефармальныя зносіны, нетворкінг з камандай.



Friends, Inclusive Barista invites you to the opening of Inclusive Barista School on March 6 at 17.00 in the Belarusian Youth Hub! 


We'll tell you how to make delicious coffee at home. What brewing utensils should be used? What kind of coffee is better to buy for home brewing and how and how long to store the coffee?  


The coffee workshop will take place from 17.00 to 18.30 

From 19.00 - 19.30 the opening and presentation of the project Inclusive Barista in Warsaw. You will learn about our project results and plans. 

From 19.30 informal communication, networking with the team. 

DATA 06/03/2023 

Adress: plac Konstytucji 6, 00-550 Warszawa, Беларускі Моладзевы Хаб / Białoruski Młodzieżowy Hub


07 Future 2023 

Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa will continue activities after the end of the project, will become an integration center, training for future inclusive baristas.


Networking and scaling the project with partners from other regions of Europe. The model developed within the framework of the project will be scaled to other countries in Europe and will provide people with disabilities, migrants with a real opportunity to gain barista skills and further employment in social business. 

Opening of our club in Vilnius , EHU 


08 Future 2023 

The Inclusion Forum will take place over three (3) days and plans to gather at least 30 participants (inclusion activists, architects, social entrepreneurs, bloggers, journalists, inclusion baristas) in Warsaw in late July - early August.

Together with the participants we will create a resolution and develop 10 plans to improve urban infrastructure and public spaces.

Creation of 40+ publications with a total coverage of 60,000+ 
inclusive blog in which we will talk about participants and inclusive cases in urban space. 

Involvement of media in the inclusive agenda. 

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