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Inclusive Barista
Social Club Warszawa

The goal of the project is to create conditions for networking and mutual assistance among the community of Belarusian and Ukrainian migrant women with disabilities in Poland through the integration space of Inclusive Barista Social Club Warszawa, which will work as a transformer space, cafe-gallery, integration and educational platform for networking, mutual assistance and support, which are located on the territory of Poland.

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The project aims to eliminate psychological barriers for people with disabilities and include them in a full social life in Poland society through training in the popular profession as a barista.


The form of training for the new profession of a barista was chosen in connection with the growing popularity of coffee houses and the social component of this type of activity, which would allow people with disabilities to socialize and feel like full members of society.

Successful Experience

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lPKO Bank Polski S.A. ulica Puławska 15, 02-515 Warszawa SWIFT: BPKOPLPW

Numer konta PL 79 1020 1068 0000 1702 0369 5269 (ZL)

Numer konta EURO 74 1020 1068 0000 1002 0400 1640 

- specify in the purpose of payment Inclusive Barista Social Club 

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